1. Me and Arkolina have finally found some time to sit down and record some game! This isn’t an episode, but I’m damn proud of the title card I made for the series.

  2. Oh, Shedinja! You are a one.

    Couldn’t resist once I saw this was a thing…

  3. ONIX.

    I like this guy. He came out much better than I expected and I am still genuinely surprised by it.

    This whole thing came about because an old friend of mine asked me draw her a Onix for a tattoo she was planning on getting, I forgot until recently and finally decided to draw the damn thing.

    I wanted to go a little more random than your typical Onix and just kind of half-arsed the rocks at first to get a nice uneven look to them, like he’s just dragged himself out of the ground.

    I added a few gem-stones and ore deposits to suggest that he kind of just builds up layers over time as he burrows and just brings this stuff along as it gets lodged into him. Helped ground Onix in a little more realism for me.

    Well hope you enjoy!

    Character © Nintendo, Game Freak & The Pokémon Company.

    Artwork by, Archemetis.

  4. Team Brilliant.

    Well flippin’ heck! It’s been a long while!

    Sorry for my absence of late, there’s a good reason, but I won’t go into it. Little bit too personal.

    So to apologise for my lack of activity I’ve drawn some more Pokémon.

    These guys are yet another team I played through Y with (because I have a problem and can’t stop re-playing it over and over).

    I was genuinely surprised by a couple of them (Bunneary and Pansage in particular) They’re not my usual choice when it comes to teams excluding fletchling, that line has become a staple in my rosters.

    Characters are © Nintendo, Game Freak & The Pokémon Company.

    Artwork by, Archemetis.

  5. deep-dark-fears:

    A submission from archemetis for deep-dark-fears.

    Awesome, my biggest fear! :D … Wait.
  6. Arch & Arko Play: Pokémon Bootleg Gold Ep - 006.

    And unfortunately our last one.

    You know how we said in a previous episode about how impressed that the cartridge could hold a save… Well we were a tad pre-emptive with that one.

  7. Routine Maintenance.

    Artwork by, Archemetis.

  8. Bloody hell! we’re on episode 3 already! I suppose you should watch it.

  9. Episode 2 of mine and Arko’s Pokémon Bootleg Gold playthrough!


  10. Hey, everyone! Me and Arkolina have been making our own Let’s Plays in her weird bootleg copy of badly translated Pokémon Gold.

    Awkwardness abounds as we discover first-hand how hard it is to talk and play videogames at the same time!

    Seriously you guys, it’s actually more difficult than it sounds