1. I done fucked up everyone!

    I done. Fucked. Up!

  2. Me and Arkolina have gone and done our first LootCrate unboxing… At the arse end of the month.


    This month was Galactic!

  3. Gameover, man! Gameover!

    (relax it’s not really gameover…)


  5. More scolastic misadventures in Final Fantasy Highschool.

  6. We tried playing VII and found it too boring, now we’re playing VIII… Wait.

  7. These videos just keep showing up on my channel, make it stop!

  8. Me and my Girlfriends brother, Adam are stumbling our dumb asses through Dark Souls for your internet entertainment. Internentertainment, if you will.

  9. So, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff on RPG Maker XP (I have VX Ace, but prefer XP).

    And I recently realised that you can replace the sprite for the main character with a ghost sprite. Which I thought was hilarious to the point of spending hours building a game around it where you assume the role of an asshole nameless ghost making his way through the memories of the dead in a Ghost Trick meets Alundra kind of way.

    Not sure how far I’ll go with it (since I don’t know that much about RPG Maker) but enjoy some artwork regardless!

    Artwork & Concept by, Archemetis.

  10. For a bit of fun.

    Hope at least a few people join in.

    If not, Whay! drew a cool bird thing!

    Artwork by, Archemetis.