1. Routine Maintenance.

    Artwork by, Archemetis.

  2. Bloody hell! we’re on episode 3 already! I suppose you should watch it.

  3. Episode 2 of mine and Arko’s Pokémon Bootleg Gold playthrough!


  4. Hey, everyone! Me and Arkolina have been making our own Let’s Plays in her weird bootleg copy of badly translated Pokémon Gold.

    Awkwardness abounds as we discover first-hand how hard it is to talk and play videogames at the same time!

    Seriously you guys, it’s actually more difficult than it sounds

  5. Nuzlocke - 2014 [best viewed in high-res]

    Nothing too major, just my current Nuzlocke team on Pokemon X

    Names (from left to right):

    Bubba, the Venusaur.

    Spengler, the Gengar.

    Volt, the Raichu.

    Ferri, the Lapras.

    Perap, the Chatot.

    And last but not least…

    Cooties, the Scrafty.

    These fine Pokemon have seen me so far into the game, there have been losses along the way and I will probably set aside a picture of the glorious dead.

  6. "The Blood-Iron girl"

    Dotted all around the land of Antill are Orcish blood-iron mines, a metal named for it’s blood-red colour and known for it’s incredible durability that rivals ordinary iron and steel. The Orcs of Antill have a vice-like grip on all the known mines for blood-iron and it has become very much their signature metal. Only one non-Orc has been allowed to shape and use the blood-iron as they do, she is known as the ‘blood-iron girl’.

    Just a little more filler for my fantasy world I’m steadily building ideas for.

  7. "Ghost Mode ACTIVATE!"

    Art & Character by, Archemetis.

  8. stuffhappenscomic:

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    The first strip of Stuff Happens! Enjoy. :)

    Ohmygod, guys, for serious. whatever you’re doing. Doesn’t matter, you can read this new comic by my girlfriend, Arkolina and be right back to whatever it is you think is SO important!

  9. blankslatecomic:

    BlankSlate - 006

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    Hey guys! don’t know if I mentioned anywhere. I probably didn’t knowing me.

    I’ve started up my comic! It’s here on tumblr so you don’t have to stray too far out of your comfort-zones to find it.

    Just head on over to BlankSlatecomic.co.uk to see it now!

  10. smalllindsay:




    HANDS!!! sorry for my bad hand writing

    The point I’m trying to drive home, is that draw things the way that best suits you.  How-to-books had me all mixed up in my teen years, but then I decided to break the rules and do things my way.



    This just made my brain light up in a good way.

    Yeah, I’ve been using that “draw a box, now add fingers” approach for years now, it’s not terrible but I find with me it’s about 70% luck as to whether the end result looks like a hand. Might have to try this method, see how it goes.