1. Eh, I’m a little late posting this (At time of posting it’s now 8AM GMT) but I feel it still adequately conveys how I feel about the whole scenario…

    Artwork by, Archemetis.

    (Source: archemetis.co.uk)

  2. "Well hey there! Welcome to the Great White North!"

    There is something wrong with me that THIS is the first thing my mind comes to…

    I’m so sorry, Canadian people… I love you.

    Artwork shamefully by, Archemetis.

  3. "You took one of ours, you will return them…"

    You ever spend forever looking for certain Pok√©mon and then once you’ve found them they’re everywhere?

    This is the only explanation I could think of.

    Artwork by, Archemetis.

    (Source: archemetis.co.uk)

  4. It’s been a bit Pokemon-centric for a while hasn’t it?

    Have some original stuff I JUST did.


    Artwork and Concepts by, Archemetis.

  5. Cherobil.

    Here’s a colour reference for the character that’s appeared in those comics I done did.

    She’s also my character in Pokemon X.

    Because no one asked.

    Artwork by, Archemetis.



    Found this out last night while I was playing a new file on X.

    Bit of a surprise to say the least.

    Artwork by, Archemetis.

    (Source: archemetis.co.uk)

  7. So at somehow in the last 8 hours this happened without me noticing…


    For real, thank you all.


  8. It’s 4am and I’m still awake because I NEED to write stuff about Gnomes and Goblins…

    Fucking creative types… Am I right?


  10. I drew a snarky little Bunnelby and was so impressed by it that I wanted to share.

    Artwork by, Archemetis.

    (Source: archemetis.co.uk)