1. Me and my Girlfriends brother, Adam are stumbling our dumb asses through Dark Souls for your internet entertainment. Internentertainment, if you will.

  2. So, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff on RPG Maker XP (I have VX Ace, but prefer XP).

    And I recently realised that you can replace the sprite for the main character with a ghost sprite. Which I thought was hilarious to the point of spending hours building a game around it where you assume the role of an asshole nameless ghost making his way through the memories of the dead in a Ghost Trick meets Alundra kind of way.

    Not sure how far I’ll go with it (since I don’t know that much about RPG Maker) but enjoy some artwork regardless!

    Artwork & Concept by, Archemetis.

  3. For a bit of fun.

    Hope at least a few people join in.

    If not, Whay! drew a cool bird thing!

    Artwork by, Archemetis.

  4. The Mash-Up I didn’t even know we needed…

    My Girlfriends mum wants some stickers for her mobility scooter and so I thought since she’s into Toothless from HTTYD I’d make her a sticker with him on it…

    In the style of Kamina’s logo from Gurren Lagann… Because it’s kind of fresh in my mind still.

    *cough* Ohalsoit’supasashirtonsociety6 *cough* shameless shill *cough cough*

    Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann & HTTYD © of their respsective creators.

    Artwork by, Archemetis.

  5. It’s been a bad few weeks for me creatively and today I finally snapped and said to myself:

    Fuck this, I’m turning my negative shit into something positive!

    So I did.

    The End.

    Artwork by, Archemetis.

  6. rott-ing-root:

    I wanted to draw an awesome Mega Flygon that was designed by Archemetis He designed this Mega Flygon, not me.

    Seriously flattered right up in here.

  7. rott-ing-root said: Hello there! I was just wondering if I could draw your Mega Flygon design because it looks really awesome!! I'll credit you for your design.

    Feel free :)

  8. So I typed up a whole thing about this and tumblr said “no” and deleted the whole thing.

    So here’s a jist.

    I put some Dragonair in the design as a kind of harkening back thing.

    I think it would retain it’s current typing (Dragon/Flying)

    I didn’t think of any abilities as normal.

    Sorry it’s just a rough sketch.

    Art by, me.

    Pokémon © Gamefreak, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company

  9. Mega Golduck

    I drew this guy a long while ago and I guess I just forgot to upload him until now.

    When I drew him I thought it might be cool to have him be a Water/Dark type… Looking back on that, I’m not sold, so I think this design would probably just retain pure Water type.

    As for abilities and what-have-yous I’ll leave that up to people who know  more about that stuff.

    (Scans a bit rough on this one, not too familiar with the scanner I’m using at the moment.)

    Artwork by, Archemetis.

    Pokémon © GameFreak & Nintendo.

  10. putuksstuff:


    Mega Flygon

    Went with Dragon/Steel because I really like Steel type (My second favourite type, after Ghost) and I think we need more metal dragons.

    Dialga the robo-pony doesn’t count.

    Artwork by, Archemetis.

    pokémon © GameFreak & Nintendo.

    This is some really cool art and I think it’s a really solid design.

    But the reason it becomes a Steel type is extremely shallow. Ground is a too integral part of Flygons lore:


    It’s highly associated with deserts and sandstorms, which are generally Ground types (and sometimes Rock).

    Furthermore, take a look at its typing:


    The Ground typing is it’s primary typing. If all the mega evolutions so far are any indication, only secondary typings change. In other words, it would shed it’s Dragon type for another.

    But I definitly can see what the artist was going for: Dragon/Steel with Levitate would be a pretty amazing typing: Steel resists ALL of Dragons weaknesses, Dragon resists Steels Fire weakness and Levitate would eliminate it’s Ground weakness. It would only be weak to Fighting while having two immunities (Poison and Ground) and a bunch of resistances. In short, it’d be pretty amazing.

    Either way, really cool art, albeit a shallow motive for its typing. I’d use it.

    Wow… Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the compliments and criticism and I’m glad you liked it, but could we hold back on all the “shallow” stuff? Kind of makes it sound like I did something wrong by simply drawing something I like… I mean it’s not like my design is the final say or anything… Edit: Just amending this because I’ve since spoken to them, we’re cool now :) and I’m already trying to think of a new design with their critique in mind.